web-based health
management information
system (HMIS) platform

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  • DHIS2 Server Setup, Installation, Customisation & Implementations
  • Capacity Building & Training (Basic Level, Tracker and Apps Development)
  • Custom Widgets and Apps Development
  • DHIS2 aggregate module customization to build as a data warehouse
  • DHIS2 tracker customization for tracking individual patient level
  • Cross-sector applicability and interoperability
  • Android App Implementation
  • DHIS2 and WHONET interoeprability
  • Disease Surveillance
  • COVID-19 Surveillance
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DHIS-2 Integration

We provide powerful middleware app to connect DHIS2 with any applications

DHIS-2 Aggregate & Tracker

We support to configure Aggregate and tracker for any kinds of surveillance and data warehouse

DHIS-2 Apps

We build DHIS2 custom apps and customize the mobile app
DHIS2 Services

Are you planning to introduce
DHIS2 in your healthcare?
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DHIS2 Aggregate

The analysis tools in DHIS2 read aggregated data from data mart tables. A data mart is a data store optimized for meeting the most common user requests for data analysis.

DHIS2 Tracker Capture

DHIS 2 enables you to collect, manage, and analyze transactional, case-based data records. It lets you store information about individuals and track these persons over time using a flexible set of identifiers

DHIS2 Web Apps Development

DHIS2 apps are constructed with HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, similar to any other web application. We develop apps for your custom requirements.

DHIS2 Mobile Apps Customization

DHIS2 Mobile covers a wide area of mobile development related to DHIS2.

DHIS2 Dashboard

Dashboards are intended to provide quick access to different analytical objects (maps, charts, reports, tables, etc) to an individual user.

DHIS2 Analytics

The analytics resource is powerful as it lets you query and retrieves data aggregated along all available data dimensions. We build custom solutions based on your requirements for analytics.


With the GIS app you can overlay multiple layers and choose among different base maps. You can create thematic maps of areas and points, view facilities based on classifications, and visualize catchment areas for each facility.
Our DHIS2 custom apps and widgets

Org Unit Importer App

Upload your bulk facilities/ organization units from the CSV file. It's very simple to select parent org units and upload CSV file.

Users Importer App

Users Importer App will help you to import bulk user's. You can import users information from your local CSV file as well as if it is newly installed instance then you can generate users by providing parent org unit, users role, and group.

Users Actvity Capture

In DHIS2, there is no way to track users behavior. This app will help you to see users log, dashboard visiting detail, duration in dashboard, last visited date time etc.

DHIS2 Middleware

Connect your human resource system with DHIS2. It will reduce redundant users and org unit creation.

WHONET-DHIS2 Integration

WHONET is the WHO collaborated laboratory information management system. You can integrate and send WHONET Antimicrobial data to DHIS2.

LMIS-DHIS2 Middleware

You can integrate your logistics management information system with DHIS2 using this app.
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