ISPERP is an internet service provider automation solution that has built with HRM, CRM, billing, inventory, sales, accounting, radius, support ticket, sms & email notification, payment gateways, ONU management, real IP, reseller panel, client portal, and defaulter tracking modules.



Dispensary is a complete solution for pharmacy shop that ensures efficient operation in the areas of medicine management, purchase and return, point of sale, product supply, stock and expiry management, daily profit and loss calculation, online medicine order, decision making reports and many more.


DHIS2 Apps

DHIS2 is an open source, web-based health management information system (HMIS) platform. We provide a package of solution with Aggregate, Tracker, Mobile Apps, Custom Web Apps, Middleware, Interoperability with AMR/HRIS/HMIS, Custom Dashboard Widgets, GIS Map, Analytics, & Event visualizer.



The iPCAMS is a web-based and mobile application that enables baseline assessments of infection prevention control and antimicrobial stewardship at hospital facilities to enhance infection prevention. It provides a national and hospital-level dashboard where you can monitor and compare the progress of the IPC and AMS.


AMR mHealth App

The AMR mHealth application offers a range of features and functionalities designed to enhance the management of AMR in common infectious diseases. By leveraging real-time data collection and analysis, clinicians can access crucial information on the prevalence of infectious diseases, the burden they impose on ...



RxHAS is a powerful patient information management system with the online appointment, patient record keeping, outpatient, inpatient, follow-ups, patient prescription, blood bank, building mgt, patient shifting, HRM & payroll, billing, inventory, accounting and laboratory functionalities.