Dispensary / Pharmacy Management System / Pharmacy POS / Pharmacy Billing:

In the present era all the procedures have been and are being computer based. Every shop in the developed world, whether it is a grocery store or a super shop or drugstore, the product purchase, sales, sales return, stock management, stock out, stock transfer, product exchange, expiry tracking, human resource management, accounting and finance control are fully software based. JBRSOFT has developed a Pharmacy Solution is called "Dispensary" to manage all operations in single drug store as well as for multiple stores.

Dispensary is the keystone of EMR/EHR a perfect integration that can allow necessary API and incorporate auto filling, barcode driven overflow and powerful point of sales for any size of pharmacies. This system will meet the end to end operational requirements to provide comprehensive other pharmacy services like online order processing and doctors panel to track visiting patients. It can also be possible to integrate with any National application to access Antimicrobial Uses(AMU) data.

Why do you need to automate your pharmacy?

Pharmacy management system is directly related with the health of the people, so it was very sophisticated to choose a suitable method. In many developing countries the improper patient counseling and management of drugs are the main issues. Again, the drug storage condition is not so high which causes the damage of the drugs as well as the medical devices for the public and private hospitals and pharmacies. Digitalized systems are not adopted in most of the hospital pharmacies or pharmacy retail shops and that take lot of time to serve a patient. You can easily integrate our pharmacy management system with your existing EMR or EHR or Hospital management system by using our available web API. If you want to improve the quality of your pharmacy service and minimize cost, you can use this affordable solution. You will automate your store or pharmacy because of:

1. You can store all information about the employees who works in your shop
2. Industry-leading drug database including visual drug verifications to minimize dispensing errors
3. When your employer has taken leave, the software can easily figure out how much leave you have monthly / yearly.
4. Employees will be able to save accurate payment information 5. You can keep an accurate account of the products you are receiving daily at your shop
6. It's easy to find out how much time a company has stored in your store
7. If you need a product return you can easily do so from the software
8. If a product is wastage you can automatically exclude it from the stock
9. You will be able to sell drugs through a pos printer, saving you time as well as invoicing and delivering to the customer.
10. If you have SMS facility then a sales message will be sent to the customer as well immediately calculate the exact amount of money you buy and sell medicines or other goods every week / month / year.
11. You can quickly find out what amounts of drugs and other items are in your store right now
12. You can also click to see which products are out of stock
13. You can easily see which products have expired
14. You can also see which products will expire in the next 3 to 6 months.
15. You will be able to view expired products over a batch
16. With this software you can easily manage thousands of medicine and other products
17. You can also calculate profit loss based on daily / monthly purchases and sales
18. The software has the opportunity to manage your cash flow using accounting module
19. You can access the software directly from the Internet
20. You will be able to sell products through mobile apps, so the internet will not be required but at the end of the day, there will be a chance to upload the server to the sales.
21. You will have a separate account for each sales man so you can easily find out how much money is made by sales
22. Salespeople can only view their sales information
23. Owner Party or store manager will be able to view all sales accounts at once
In addition to the aforementioned benefits, many more work can be done within this software.

Why Choose Dispensary

The activity of buying or selling goods and services in all the countries of the world.
  • Medicine management system
  • Medicine purchase and exchange
  • Vendor payments
  • Powerful point of sale (POS)
  • Stock & expiry monitoring
  • Profit and loss measurement
  • Customer and employee record management
  • API driven safe and secure data communication
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean crisp analytics and many more
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Powerful POS with best frontend experiences

Faster, user friendly and smarter point of sale.

Safe, secure and easy to use

Quick navigation, secure paymemnt transaction and device friendly UI

Low price with max support

Our highly experienced technical and support team is dedicated to assist you 24/7.

How Dispensary works?

Step-1: Purchase from our store

Step-2: Download and install

Step-3: Add products

Step-4: Welcome customers to sale

Process flow
Salesman process flow
Account manager process flow
Shop woner process flow

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Human Resource Management

Personal Record, Department, Designation, Salary, Leave, Attendance, Holidays and Notice Board

Purchase and return

Add new purchase, purchase list, vendor payment, purchase return, purchase alert, purchase tracer and reports.

Point of Sales

Product sales, sale hold, online payment, pos print, customer add, stockout list

Customer Record Management

Add customer name and phone number during sales, customer duelist, customer drug consumption behavior.


Income and expense head management, purchase payment, overhead management, profit and loss calculation, Banking information management

Stock Management

Current stock, new product stock, out of stock, potential stock tracking.

Expiry tracking

List of expired products, nearest expiry medicines, batch expired medicines

Product Management

Add a new product, add dosage form, warehouse and rack setup, product unit setup, origin, and supplier setup.
Product Management

Product information management

a. Setup new medicine, goods or products with the brand name, generic name, code number, barcode, shortcode, category, strength, dosage form, DAR number, location, group, supplier, manufacturer, trade price, VAT, MRP, minimum order level, side effects, and description.
b. For the first time, enter the opening balance for each product
c. Get the list of products with the necessary information
d. Get the list of expiry products
e. Add dosage form, setup multiple warehouse
f. Print barcodes on a label printer or laser printer.
g. Supplier information setup
h. Setup product units
Product Management
Purchase Management
Purchase and Return

Product purchase and return

a. Create a point of sale from your laptop, tablet or desktop computer very easily
b. Product purchase from external suppliers with supplier detail
c. Return or change purchased products.
d. Check the purchased products and approve once it is stored in self or rack
e. When approving the purchase the stocks are updated based on the product batch number and expiry date
f. First in last out process has been introduced
g. Get the list of purchase with different filters
h. Print barcode according to the purchase catalog
i. Purchase tracer to find the detail of each purchase
j. Purchase payment
k. Return any products or goods based on the purchase invoices
l. You can set a minimum order level in product management and get purchase alert from this module
Point of Sales
a. Sale products from powerful PoS module
b. Create a sales invoice
c. Return or change of products
d. Due payment tracking
e. Online card payment
f. Hold payments
g. Multicart enabled
h. Quick keys and/or product lookup
i. Multiple payment methods/split payments
j. Returns, refunds, and store credit features
k. User accounts and permissions
l. Sales return
m. Print sales receipt for A4, A5, A6, and POS size.
Point of Sale
Human resource management
Human resource management

HRM Module

a. Add pharmacy all employee records with profile image, basic information, national identity, present address
b. Create different types of user permission like dashboard, sales part, accounts, product management, stock management, data view, data delete etc.
c. User role management for owners, managers, salesperson etc.
d. Create new user and assign necessary role
e. You can manage employee leave
f. Track holidays
g. Employee payroll and salary management
Stock management
a. Get the list of current stock with multiple filtering
b. Get stockout product list
c. Batch wise stock tracking
d. Out of stock tracking
e. Get potential stock out
f. Product damage control
g. Other stock reports
Stock management
Expiry tracking
Expiry tracking

Product exiry tracking

a. List of expired medicines
b. Get the nearest expiry products
c. Get the batch expired medicines
d. Supplier wise expired products
e. Category wise expired products
f. Track expiry with a date range
• Add income head
• Add daily income with income head, received date, received mode, invoice number, received amount, received from etc.
• Add expense head
• Track expenses with expense head, date, expensed by, vendor, expense mode, bank account, cheque number, expense detail, payment mode etc.
• Add overhead and track daily overhead
• Setup transaction modes like for income as cash, bank, online payment, card payment etc.
• Supplier or vendor payment: the account manager can pay to the supplier and track the payment history from this module
• Add new bank with bank name, branch name, code, address, routing number etc.
• Manage the bank information
• Create bank cheque
• Add bank deposits
• Track bank transactions
Online order management

By using this module the customer can make an order from the pharmacy website and pay directly. Here is probation to select the customer location first then can see the nearest pharmacies with distance afterward the customer can cart their products by uploading prescription. The orders are being managed by the selected pharmacy internally.

• Complete e-commerce panel integrated
• Customer can make an order from your website
• Upload prescription
• Integrated online payment gateway
• Customer personal profile
• Order processing from admin panel
Online order management
Patient information management

The goal of this module is to provide a panel to the visiting doctors who sit in the pharmacy and take an appointment for patients. The doctor will get their own panel for this pharmacy to track their patient information.

• Patient personal information management
• Patient follow-ups tracking
• Patient e-prescriptions
• Doctors cash flow management
Database backup and system security
a. Manual and automatic database backup process enabled
b. Multi-privileges allowed
c. Master product search panel with purchase and sales history at-a-glance tracking
d. Tested this supplication vulnerability by third party company
e. XSS, SQL injection are strongly handled
f. Standard error handling added
Responsiveness and Gateway
a. It is fully responsive and allowed to access from any devices
b. It will run in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera browsers
c. Setting up printers with paper size
d. Add SMS gateway
e. Add payment gateways as bKash merchant, bKash Pay Bill, bKash PGW, SSL Commerze with Master card, and VISA card.
f. Any international payment gateway can be possible to integrate
Mobile apps
a. Install and configure your own app
b. Add emergency purchases from this app
c. Sale products from this app
d. Track current stock
e. Get daily sales summary
f. Sync offline operations

Available reports

The pharmacy management user will get a report panel where all reports are combined as a module. That means you will get modular-based reports. You can export any reports with excel, pdf, csv format.

a. Purchase reports: purchase list, pending in approval, today’s purchase, purchase alert, monthly purchase return, purchase in date range, purchase list by supplier, purchase list by receiver, purchase by category, purchase by products, purchase by products by batch, yearly purchase flow, product wise purchase flow, today’s purchase return and purchase discount
b. Sales reports: sales summary, today’s sales history, monthly sales summary, monthly sales return, sales by salesman, product wise sales, supplier-wise sales, category wise sales, hourly sales detail, sales due summary, monthly sales flow, yearly sales flow, sales current hold list, card payment summary
c. Stock reports: current stock, batch wise stock, out of stock, potential stock out, damage summary, supplier-wise stock, category-wise stock, single category detail stock, single product detail stock etc.
d. Collect reports: today’s collection, daily, monthly and yearly collection summary, collect by category, collection by products, collection by due list, today’s due collection, discount summary, invoice discount summary and many more
e. Accounts: income summary, expense summary, overhead summary, profit and loss calculation and net income
f. Expiry: expiry tracking, nearest expiry, expired list, batch expired list, category expired list, supplier wise expiry, all damaged products
g. Access log and other reports: purchase log, sales log, system access log, top customers and top salesman

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