COVID-19 detection, reporting and surveillance:

JBRSOFT has been supporting to the partner’s organization to accelerate case detection, situation reporting, active surveillance and response for COVID-19. We are working on the DHIS2 COVID 19 packages as well as helping to develop public open dashboard for visualization and decision making. With our wide experience in coordination, implementation and configuration of DHIS2, we support our clients with:

• The cloud server purchases for the organization
• DHIS2 installation
• DHIS2 basic configuration for the organization
• COVID 19 all packages configuration
• Organization unit’s management
• Users management
• Dashboard report analysis
• GIS analysis
• Custom report developments
• Custom dashboard “Widget” developments
• Custom Web Apps development
• Interoperability and external COVID 19 portal development for public visualization
• COVID 19 Android Tracker configuration
• User guideline preparation
• Tracker usability video creation
• Necessary training on the trackers and aggregated data collection
• Server and data monitoring
• Post support

Packages of COVID-19

COVID-19 Case-based surveillance [tracker]

Contact registration & follow-up program [tracker]

Ports of Entry screening & follow-up [tracker]

COVID-19 Surveillance Event Program [event]

Business scope analysis for the private organization
In many other countries including Bangladesh, DHIS2 is being used to collect data from private health centers. If you have a private health center and if you are thinking of collecting data of COVID 19 patients from your health centers, then we will sort out all your plans and bring your health center to the digital platform. It is our responsibility to set up DHIS2 suitable for your health center.
Product Management
Server setup and DHIS2 installation
Server setup and DHIS2 installation
We provide one-stop solution that has begun with server setup and DHIS2 installation. Our team will assist you to setup the DHIS2 over any cloud server including Digital Ocean, Namecheap, AWS EC2, or any other servers.
COVID-19 Case-based surveillance [tracker]:
Enrolls & tracks suspected cases; captures symptoms, demographics, risk factors & exposures; creates lab requests; links confirmed cases with contacts; and monitors patient outcomes. This package can be installed as a standalone COVID-19 package or can be integrated into a country’s existing integrated disease surveillance & response tracker.
COVID-19 Case-based surveillance
Contact registration & follow-up
Contact registration & follow-up program [tracker]:
Strengthens active case detection through contact tracing activities, such as identification and follow-up of contacts of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.
Ports of Entry screening & follow-up program [tracker]:
Enrolls travelers who have visited high-risk locations at Ports of Entry for 14-day monitoring and follow-up.
Ports of Entry screening
COVID-19 Surveillance Event
COVID-19 Surveillance Event Program [event]
A simplified line-list that captures a subset of minimum critical data points to facilitate rapid analysis & response, particularly useful when caseloads or burden of reporting exceeds the capacity for case-based surveillance tracker.
COVID-19 Aggregate Surveillance [aggregate]
an aggregate reporting dataset that captures minimum necessary data points for daily or weekly reporting
COVID-19 Aggregate
Dashboard visualization
Dashboard visualization
we help our clients to design and develop necessary reports as a graph, map, chart, table and other formats inside the DHIS2 dashboard.
External web or mobile apps development

We develop custom web and mobile apps to integrate DHIS2. If you want to develop any external public or open dashboard, we have this strength to do this.

External web or mobile apps developmentt
Custom web apps development

If any of the COVID-19 packages does not fulfill your business requirements then we can develop any custom web apps for you.

Training and Monitoring
We have vast training experiences in DHIS2. Our team will provide necessary training on data capture, utilization, and visualization. We will closely work with your team to monitor the server as well as all activities on the instance.
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